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The child



I learnt to let go off my dreams. The
child failed, the adult passed.
This tussle of life continued
I waited on the brink to be saved.
“No one will come to save, only YOU can save YOU”

I stood with a weathered mind, and a sunken soul as I watched feathers of my wings fall apart.
I tried to walk, everyday I slogged. Then she came and tried to talk.
A woman I resemble to, a woman that I am myself, a child I was once.
The child sleeps with his eyes, still open.
“Tell me, oh! Woman do I know you? are you the one who stays in my house?”
I stitched my lips years ago. He still screamed, and demanded for an answer.
But it had been a while since I heard that child, did he suddenly become so meek or did he become really weak?

One day I decided to call him, “Oh! child of my long lost past, my friend do hear me?”

But the screams had now stopped, the child had gone leaving behind a coffin which was too small.



In the sea of love.

In the sea of love.

In the sea of love I landed somewhere on a dire shore, every moment a great agony like a curse on my soul.
But now I decided to sail alone
I carry within me a burden, a life
only your memories breathe as I move away from home.

Each wave reminds me of you, making every bit of me wanting you more and more.
How do I leave this fatal shore?
Then I see you, looking at me from the eyes of heaven and the breeze kisses of my face, your love showers my heart’s earth after the sunny days.

Yet I question the question, seek of the answer of my existence. Knowing that I must endure this pain, and sail all along and wait for the next rain.
_Amruta Joshi .

Our love cried

Our loved cried.

Don’t know about the days, but ever since you left the nights haven’t slept inside me.
I tried to drown myself into the ocean of your thoughts, and I choked on my own breath.
I starved on your memories, and your absence fed on my bones.
The pain sank my soul, and my heart bled until my eyes dried.
That day, I still remember when you didn’t turn to say goodbye and for the first time our love cried.

_Amruta Joshi